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Holiday String Lights – DECORATION & SAFE

Your house is decorated with sparkling decorations and twinkling lights.

holiday lights on christmas tree

There are some suggestions about using lights decoration to get more personal style and provide safety.


Decorate tips:

1. Choose beautifully shaped string lights (such as stars shape, snow shape, etc.) for interior decoration.

 shaped lights

2. Where can you decorate the string lights with?

Christmas tree, window screen, stairs, mirror, sheer curtains, etc.


3. Wrap the light string outside to update the appearance of the decoration, like flower bowel, candy bowel, lamp, photo wall, shelf, etc.


How to ensure safety?


1. Keep wires and sockets in perfect condition.

2. Keep wires and sockets away from snow and water.

3. Installing a string with an insulated ladder

4. Buy a Christmas tree with the label of “fire-resistant”.

5. Make sure smoke alarms works

6. Follow the manufacturer’s electrical instructions and avoid overload.

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