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Hang Curtain?5 Common Mistakes You Might Make

  If you're buying new curtains, the first thing you might think about is how to accurately measure the length of the window and what tools to use. Yes, a lot of people will focus more on this process and ignore some tips when curtains are hung.

  The staff of Curtarra often serve customers trying to fully understand their demand for use. It is also common to see consumers post their windows photos or pictures of their home design on forums. Unfortunately, some overlooked detail makes the window look smaller after curtains are hung, the whole room look dark, and the ceiling seem too low.

  This article will show you 5 common mistakes you might make when you hang curtains and how to fix them.


 Mistake1 hang rod too low!

hang curtain rod is too low

  The height of the hanging rod and the length of the rod will greatly affect the final appearance of your window and even the interior of your room. When the curtain rod is properly hung high, people who walk into the room will unconsciously shift their eyes upward, which will give them the illusion that the ceiling is particularly high and rooms are particularly large.

  So what is the correct height of the hanging curtain rod? About two-thirds of the distance from the top of your window frame to the ceiling, as shown in the picture.

  hangIf your ceiling is crown moldings, you can hang curtain rods about three-quarters of the way from the top of the window frame to the ceiling.

  If the top of your window frame is too far away from the crown moldingI mean there is a big space, please do not attach the curtain rod directly to the crown molding as it may look a bit odd.

  In short, adjust the position of the curtain rods according to your intuition. The adjustment process can be very flexible.



Mistake2 rod is too narrow!

  rod is too narrow

Another common mistake is that the length of the curtain rod is too short. It is best to make sure that each side of the curtain rod is 4 to 6 inches longer than the window frame.

  curtainIn general, if your curtain rods are long enough, you will pay more attention to the width of the curtain when the curtain is open and the panels are gathered. If it were wide enough, we would think there would be a big window behind the wide curtain.

  If your curtain rods are narrow, when you close the curtain, the closed curtain will easily go over the curtain frame to block part of the sunlight, which will also make the window appear smaller, and the final effect will be much worse.


 Mistake3 Curtain panel that are not wide enough for your window!

fullness of curtain  If curtains you bought aren't wide enough for windows, they don't look so luxurious when your curtains are open or closed. So, At least 1.5 fullness-2 fullness style would be better!(This means panels at least 1.5-2 times the width of each window)

  That is, if your window is 4 feet wide, then your curtains should be either 6 feet wide or 8 feet wide. This ensures that you have a good gather look when you open and close the curtains!



Mistake4   buying the curtains that are too short!

 buying the curtains that are too short


Generally speakingthere are 3 kinds of finished length for your curtains 

1. 1/2” above you do not particularly like having your curtains touch the floor, then try this style. It looks cleaner.

2.   On floor     If you are buying custom curtains, inaccurate measurements may be affected and make it looks a little like above or puddle.

3. 2” puddle   This kind of finished length may be difficult to clean, normally it is to add an extra 2" -4 "of length beyond the floor.


  These three methods give your room more polished if you can hang your curtains in the ways I mentioned above.

   Do not hang your curtain so short! it looks a little stingy?

  If it is a formal room, you can go a bit longer with your curtain. If your room has a little less traffic, you could consider puddle option.

  If it is an informal room like bedroom, use the short curtain, unless you want to have a romantic look, then you can try this puddle option.

The living room is a combination of formal and informal, you could probably go for the float style in a Living room.



Mistake 5 Excessive puddling !

over puddle

Short curtains are not good, but in fact, too long curtains are not good either. The long curtain hide something dirty and kids can easily be tied down. Remember what have mentioned above is to add an extra 2" -4 "of length beyond the floor.



Finally, I'll add a few more common hang curtain problems

 Q: How to hang curtains without drilling?

command hook A: Using the command hook! It may not be the most elegant solution. But when you are not able to drill holes in the wall, try it, especially for renters! Make sure you double-check the whole weight of curtains and rod and by the large command hook it could actually take a heavy load you can also use a tension rod.   

Q: How to hang curtains from the ceiling?

rod bracket 

A: Three ways you could hang curtains from ceiling. Install rod bracket/ curtain track / curtain wire system from IKEA   

Q: How to hang curtain if there are baseboard heaters?

  A:Ask for professional help   

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