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Facts about Hanging Curtains

       The curtain is used extensively since ancient times in daily life and it affects shading, sound insulation, especially the visual effect at home at the same time. So how to hang the curtain in a right way is very important! Now we have sorted out the main points about hanging curtains for you.


       Is the curtain should be the same size as the window? No, the size of the window is not the size of the curtain, the height of the window is not the height of the curtain, either. Rising the height of the curtains to make the Windows visually larger. The longer curtain also can show the window is bigger, your integral space will look more capacious.


       The curtains that are tall and long can also be used to fill the white space around the window.


       As for the width of the curtain, you need to consider the folds from the top of the curtain so as to create a wave feeling, there is a formula for reference: Curtain width = (window width +0.15m×2) ×2

       According to the different situations of the family and personal preference, it is also a kind of saving to install window-sized curtains when Keep it as beautiful as possible.


       Previous to light and easy to wrinkle: chemical fiber (mainly), hemp, cotton hemp chemical fiber blend, often used in the dining-room, gauze shade lets the light come in, ensured the home is not seen outside at the same time.


Shading and heat insulation: coated chemical fiber cloth, high precision shading cloth (dark color is recommended) Strong shading, enjoy cool in summer, suitable for bedroom, create a comfortable sleep environment.

Common types:

Polyester (good hang down feeling)

Cotton and linen (transparent, can match fabric sofa)

Pure cotton (easy to wrinkle)

Satin (good texture)

Suede (gorgeous and drape)

The material above often applies to our common curtain-type -- straight shade, still have roll shade additionally, shutter blind is commonly made of bamboo, woodiness, PVC.



       There are two simple ways to install curtains: Pelmet and Roman pole.

       Pelmet, which can hide in condole top or in gesso line, it also can be made by a wood baffle. Pelmet suits a simple decoration style.


       The Roman pole is different from the pelmet, it is installed directly on the wall. The pole itself has a decorative function, so it is important to choose a good-looking and durable pole. In terms of color selection, the thin white Roman pole has a relatively low sense of presence, and the black Roman pole is easy to match.


       Plus, please be aware that the Roman pole is installed properly and the size of curtains is right, otherwise the light will leak through the top of the curtain. and it may not affect in the dining-room, but will affect sleep quality in the bedroom, So, in that case, we suggest you can install a simple valance to keep out the leaking light.


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