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French Door Window Treatment Ideas

When ordering window treatments for exterior-facing French doors or interior-facing French Doors, you must consider following: the light control, temperature control, privacy protect and operate security.

Here we will introduce some common door curtain styles and inform relevant purchase considerations.

 2 rod pocket door curtains

Double Rod Pocket Curtains for French Doors

Double rod pocket curtains can be made of sheer fabric, semi-sheer fabric, room darkening fabric, and blackout fabric. Opened from the half-height, and can be closed when you lose the tie attached to the half.

How to order the fit the size ready-made door curtains or customize the door curtains in a perfect size?

The first thing to do is installing the 2 rods in a suitable position, the rod should extend the glass panes 1-2 inches on both sides and located at 1-2 inches from the glass area. If you plan to buy the ready-made curtains, you can delay installing the rod. And install the rod when the curtains arrive, in order to make sure the curtains and the rod position are matched well.

The width size per panel = the width of the rod multiply 2 fullness. Usually, the 2Xfullness is enough to create a wave look when using the cloth fabrics and semi-sheer fabrics, but you can choose the 2.5Xfullness on thin sheer fabric.

The length is most important, the whole length = the distance between 2 rods(from the top of the up rod to the bottom of the down rod) + the top part(1.2inches in height, 2 top parts are 2.4inches height in total) above the 2 pockets.

And also pay attention to the rod diameter, make sure that the rod can go through the pocket well. Usually, the pocket can fit the rod in 1.5 inches diameter at max.

Besides, you can add the lining to the curtains, and have to make sure the ties are sold together or not.

Curtarra also provides custom-made double rod pocket curtains for french doors, just choose the rod pocket header and submit the right size, and leave a message about the rod diameter and the distance between the 2 rods when checking out.

 grommet top french door curtains

Grommet Top Curtains and Pinch Pleat Top Drapes for French Doors

Curtains in grommet or pinch pleat header also a good solution to cover a large french door area, although it should be mounted above and extend the width of the door frame for proper coverage. Opened from the middle width or one side.


Just consider the size, fullness, blackout as normal curtains, but pay attention to the rod position, always install the rod close to the ceiling and lest the curtain kiss or puddle the floor. When the frame about the door is thick, the distance from the rod to the wall is shorter than the thickness of the frame, need to install the rod under the frame and above the 2 door panes. In this way, the door and the curtains can be open&close well.



 roller, roma curtains

Bamboo Blinds, Roller Shades and Roman or vertical Shades for French Doors

Many kinds of shades can be used on the french door window treatment, just choose shades that match your room decor and they are often used together with drapes. Opened from the bottom.

Remember to consider the type of door handles on your French door. Make sure the shade you order will allow for complete access to operate the door and the shade.

Hang the shades close to the glass. If you'd like to reduce the glare coming through your French doors but want to maintain the view to the outside, solar shades are the answer.

 scarf and valance

Scarf valance for French Doors

When you don’t want any shades on the french doors but still want something to decor the french door, a scarf valance is a good choice.

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