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Five Tips on Choosing Ideal New Curtains For Your New Home in 2022

Moving into a new home and making a new look can be pretty exciting. However, do NOT be overwhelmed by the ecstasy and forget to ornate your windows with new window coverings. Curtains are always on most of the decor checklists. The reasons why curtains are so essential may lie in the following aspects. Before that, we should divide curtains for a new home into two categories: new curtains and old curtains. Let’s take a look at them respectively. When it comes to new curtains, they mainly have three merits. They create a nice look, make a stylish statement, and stress aesthetic sense for the home decor. Also, they bring a homey feeling and help you sleep better to adapt to unfamiliar surroundings. Apart from that, they maintain your privacy and ease your anxiety about being a part of the neighborhood. However, old curtains are weaker for new homes. They cause trouble with packing and moving. They are hard to wash, too old or worn out, unsuitable for the new home, or unfit for the new windows. Therefore, it is necessary to get new curtains for your new home. So here comes the question, how to choose the ideal new curtains? Let’s get to find the answers together.

Five factors to consider

Speaking of curtains, they are viewed as one of the most affordable decorative choices for a home. Generally, curtains need to function, serve a purpose, tell a story, communicate with home decor, and make a difference. To make full use of curtains, you need to consider five factors.

Consider intended function

Curtains, known as window coverings, need to cover the window and act as a functional part. Before choosing a particular kind of curtains, you should figure out what function you expect your curtains to get. Currently, curtains mainly have seven roles.

-Spruce up your space.

Curated curtains are often made with exclusive fabrics, multiple choices of colors, popular header styles, and unique patterns. Curtains with such features help spice your new home, bring a homey feeling, and create a nice look. For example, if you get dark furniture, flooring, wallpaper, and sofas, hang on light cream or beige linen texture curtains. They brighten up the place and put the room together. In this case, your new home gets immediately inviting and welcoming.

-Control the light amount.

The sun can glare directly into your home when the hot summer comes along. If you are a fan of sunbathing, you might want to enjoy the natural sunlight and get tanned inside your room. In this case, hanging on some cute sheer curtains is advisable. Sheer curtains allow the natural light to throng in and brighten the room. You can embrace the sun as much as you want. However, if you get troubled by the summer sunlight, you definitely want to block the light. On this occasion, you are better off mounting blackout curtains. The blackout curtains ensure you get rid of the sun and provide a better place to sleep.

-Maintain your privacy.

Privacy is essential, especially when you move into a new home and an unfamiliar neighborhood. There is no rush to get along well with your neighbors. Take it easy to adapt to the new environment. Hanging on blackout curtains or solid curtains can maintain your privacy and allow you to stay in a comfort zone.

-Block the sound.

If you get windows facing the street in your new home, you may be annoyed by the unpleasant noises. In this case, you can hang on blackout curtains or curtains with some thick fabrics that can block the sound out.

-Serve as a partition.

Under some circumstances, curtains can serve as a partition. If you are not satisfied with the structure of your new home or need to enlarge your inner space, partition curtains can be a helpful hand. Hanging on curtains with triple woven layers and equally touching both the front and the backside. This kind of partition can really tie the whole space together.

-Meet nursery needs.

If you gave birth to a baby recently, you might as well get nursery curtains. Unique fabrics always feature nursery curtains. The materials enable nursery curtains to block light, prevent harmful UV rays, reduce unwanted noises, and meet other specific nursery needs.

-Remodel outdoor space.

If your new home comes with a patio, you might want to accent the place to tie it to the house together. It is feasible to remodel your patio with a casual coffee table and chic sheer curtains. The sheer curtains help bring a relaxing look.

Consider home design style

At present, there are three mainstream design styles. To be specific, they are contemporary, transitional, and traditional styles. It is advisable to choose different curtains to communicate different design styles.

-Contemporary style.

As the main category of design style, contemporary style contains a wide range of branches, including Scandinavian, mid-century modern, rustic, minimalism, farmhouse, industrial, coastal and beach, electric, etc. Despite the components, all contemporary styles emphasize a neat and nice look. Curtains with linen texture, solid features, and a light color palette can go well with this particular style.

-Transitional style.

The transitional style has featured a mix of contemporary and traditional styles. It allows you to use your imagination to improve the home's overall look. Combining sheer curtains with valance can add incredible sense to the whole space.

-Traditional style.

A classic aesthetic sense characterizes the traditional design style. If your home goes in this style, you are better off getting curtains with complicated fabrics such as velvet or choosing pattern curtains to make the space more cohesive.

Consider fabric

When it comes to fabric, you need to consider the texture and the color of your decor. It would be best if you were careful to choosing material cause it greatly affects the overall interior appearance. Linen texture curtains bring a fresh feeling, sheer curtains create an airy look, and pattern curtains make a cute mood. In a word, choose fabrics that tell the story of your home.

Consider window shape and size

The shape and size of the windows can vary from each other, even in one particular home. It would help if you considered the extraordinary figure of windows such as bay windows before choosing suitable curtains. As for bay window dressing up ideas, you can turn to our previous blog. Also, you need to consider the exact size of your windows and work out an optimal measurement. If you find it hard to calculate the dimensions of curtains, you can use Curtarra’s online  Measurement Tool. This tool can display curtains of different lengths and fullness. It is convenient for you to make a quick decision.

Consider budget

Budget is an essential factor that affects your choice of curtains. If you move into a new home of your own and intend to live in it for a long time, you may choose curtains with better fabrics and special functions. For instance, velvet curtains accent your home and stress your sense. If you are a renter, you should go on a rent-friendly budget. Sheer curtains and solid curtains might be wise choices.


Moving into a new home marks a fresh start. Hanging on new curtains might be the first step to making a difference. Following our guide on choosing suitable curtains makes it easy and enjoyable to decorate your new home. Genuinely hope you can find the optimal curtains and enjoy your time in your new home during this beautiful season.