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Thread through the long stormy spring days, the sunny summer awaits. Pull back the curtains and see through your window. Trees and meadows grow greener and fresher, flowers bloom, and berries and cherries come out from the dense bushes. What a lovely view! To live up to such a pleasant view, open the window, breathe the fresh air, enjoy the serenity, and embrace the whole world. Be careful with the flying bugs and crawling worms when you open your window. As the summer approaches, these creatures may appear here and there. It can be increasingly more annoying. 

For this reason, it is not practical to open up your window that often. Then, you may wonder how to enjoy the overall scenery without opening windows. Or you may ask what to do before the upcoming summer officially comes. Don’t worry, we have already collected some ideas for you. We recommend you to hang on see-through or semi-sheer curtains. You have enough time to select and try on brand new sheer curtains in the following month or upgrade your old-fashioned sheer curtains with a popular trend. There are even more benefits to hanging on sheer curtains, which we will introduce in the following. Now, let’s start. 

Custom Sheer Curtains Filter Sunlight

Summer is a season that we love and hate. We love summertime because we can have so much fun in summer. We can go swimming or surfing, lie down on the patio breathing breeze, drink icy drinks, and enjoy the sunshine. However, summer can be troubling either. Intense UV rays penetrate through our windows to harm our skin and health. Hot air and heat can come into our rooms in a crowd. A large amount of both glaring sunlight and heat rush into the room. Consequently, our room gets hotter and hotter. In this case, a sheer curtain is a perfect helper to deal with such a problem. 

Generally, sheer curtains can be divided into see-through sheer curtains and semi-sheer curtains according to the thickness and opacity of the fabric. At Curtarra, we offer you even more options for  sheer curtains. We have custom solid sheer, pattern sheer, and semi-sheer curtains. Solid sheer curtains are the most advisable for light filtering among these curtains, for which they can add an extra white lining with a slightly thicker texture. It helps to improve the performance of blocking out light without damaging the overall look of the sheer curtains. With Curtarra custom sheer curtains, you can customize your lining layers to control the light you want to let in. At the same time, solid sheer curtains block the heat out from the window. By doing so, solid sheer curtains achieve the goal of insulation. From this perspective, customizing sheer curtains kill two birds with one stone. 

Custom Sheer Curtains Secure Privacy

As we all know, there are a variety of functional curtains for different uses. For example, blackout curtains are used to block light. Room darkening curtains create darkness for pleasant sleeping. Thermal curtains are intended to keep the heat down and cool the room. And nursery curtains help care for and nurse children with better light conditions. Compared to these curtains with one primary function, sheer curtains have more merits. Sheer curtains let some light in, block light out and provide privacy. In this sense, sheer curtains are more advantageous than ordinary functional curtains. 

It can be troublesome, and you struggle to choose between maintaining privacy and ensuring enough sunlight on summer days. It seems that ordinary curtains are not likely to meet both needs at a time. Take blackout curtains as an example. They do block out most of the glaring sunlight to provide privacy only at the cost of receiving no natural light in the room. However, it is a different story in the condition of sheer curtains. Semi-sheer curtains are made of lightweight fabric that lets light penetrate through the window and block out some of the sunlight securing household privacy. You don’t need to worry about drawing the curtains creating total darkness inside the room. There is a good balance between light filtering and light penetration. On solid sheer curtains, the amount of light in and out is different. It depends on your preference to customize semi-sheer curtains or solid sheer curtains. In other words, custom sheer curtains are perfect for summer. 

Custom Sheer Curtains Make A Mood

Speaking of sheer curtains, they are commonly regarded as the most decorative curtains. Sheer curtains can be used in a wide range of places and uses. As for sites, you can hang sheer curtains on your living room, bedroom, study, kitchen, balcony, patio, porch, and even gate glass. To be specific, the living room turns to be brighter and broader with the help of sheer curtains. The bedroom becomes cozier and more comfortable for sleeping by hanging on sheer curtains. Study works better for you to read or cope with work with the gentle sunshine that sheer curtains filter. The kitchen and fittings are brightened with sparkling light and food appetite because of the sheer curtains. Balcony, patio, porch, and gate glass are dressed with charming looks and a hazy mood. Hang sheer curtains there wherever you want to let a beam of light penetrate. For uses, sheer curtains are primary window coverings and act as a good match for other kinds of draperies, valances, shades, or blinds. Take valance, for example. Varied patterns of valances create various looks with the combination of sheer curtains. Sheer curtains and valances are perfect matches for each other to look more elegant and refined. Besides, sheer curtains have unique features that ordinary curtains don’t have. Sheer curtains are light, airy, and breezy with a softer texture. The light feeling of the material brings a sense of airiness, and the curtains move along with the breeze making your room a place with an outdoor mood. As a result, you can enjoy both the fresh air and the bright sunshine. 

At present, Curtarra offers you three types of custom sheer curtains. Different kinds of custom sheer curtains perform as decorative tools in various manners. Solid sheer curtains, with pure light colors like white, beige, and linen, bring a sense of serenity to the whole inner space. With different patterns, including florals, tropical plants, lace, cloud, and swan, sheer pattern curtains create an exquisite aesthetic style for your decor. Semi-sheer curtains, being full of hazy glow, reflect shadows and add a sense of layer to the whole home. Also, sheer curtains fit well with header styles. Grommet top, rod pocket, or pinch pleat collocate well and add elegance to the sheer curtains. For custom sheer curtains, you can consult with our online brand designers to customize the optimal sheer curtains that are matchy. Now, look out for beautiful custom sheer curtains in Curtarra.

Custom Sheer Curtains Are Affordable

Sheer curtains are the most affordable choice among window treatments. Other than curtains and drapes, sheer curtains are real money-savers. They are generally made with low-cost material and fabric, ensuring affordable. At our online shop, the costs of sheer curtains are even lower due to a self-owned factory, which avoids extra charges from the middle man. You can buy our custom sheer curtains at a fair, reasonable price which is often half or a quarter of the cost of other curtains and drapes. What's more, the prices of our sheer curtains are lower than other custom brands.

Since sheer curtains are affordable, it won’t seem to be a waste to cover and dress up each of your windows with sheer curtains during the summer months. It is advisable to hang solid sheer curtains on both the windows and glass gates in your home. You can customize solid sheer curtains in different sizes and lengths according to your needs. As a result, your home will likely be renovated with easy and affordable efforts in the same decoration style.

At Curtarra, there is a wide range of sheer curtains for you to select. With a discount now and then, you are free to try different kinds of sheer curtains at affordable prices. Don’t hesitate to browse our sheer curtains and get them to dress up your home while enjoying a beautiful summer.

Custom Sheer Curtains Add Space

Different from other curtains, sheer curtains are not only functional and decoration curtains but also can be used for daily uses. As we all know, the most apparent features of sheer curtains are the airy and breezy look, light and soft touching feeling. These features enable sheer curtains to be natural and perfect partitions. Specifically, sheer curtains divisions often play two roles in interior decor. One function is to deconstruct and reconstruct. Another part is to maximize inner space.

As for deconstruction and reconstruction, once you hang on sheer curtains, you change your interior decor's structure and overall look. Specifically, if there is no boundary or the boundary is not clear between your dining room or kitchen, you can hang on sheer curtains to separate them into distinct partitions. There will not be an“oops”moment when your guests enter your home, stepping into the wrong space. When maximizing inner space, sheer curtains partitions divide spaces into several smaller zones. We strongly recommend hanging on sheer curtains in an empty region if your usable margin is limited. As a result, your area is extended, and your home gets a brighter and more fabulous look. It is how sheer curtains work as partitions.

When it comes to custom sheer curtains, you can customize your sheer partition curtains at any size and length. Apart from that, Curtarra also offers you free design consultation to fit well with your original decor. Feel free to view sheer curtains at our online shop.


Sheer curtains are born for summer. Sheer curtains have several merits, including necessary functions and surprising benefits. Regarding critical functions, sheer curtains block light, help to maintain privacy, and add aesthetic to design. Another unique advantage of sheer curtains is that they are pretty affordable. For surprising benefits, sheer curtains can act as movable partitions wherever you want to put them in your home. Sheer curtains are genuinely the optimal choice for summer. Now, search sheer curtains at Curtarra to get ready for your stunning summer.