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Five Mistakes to Avoid When You Buy Curtains Online

Many people will agree that the key to having a breathtaking interior décor depends on the color scheme or furniture you choose and the curtains draped over your windows. Be it sheer curtains, texture curtains, or blackout curtains, having the curtain that best compliments your living space is the greatest way to get the most out of your intended design.

When you buy curtains online, people make several mistakes that eventually ruin the whole process. Whether it happens due to inexperience or negligence, mistakes made when shopping for new curtains are something to avoid at all costs. To avoid this scenario, here are a few typical mistakes people make when they buy curtains online and steps you can take to either fix or avoid them.

1.Taking Wrong Measurements When You Buy Curtains Online

This is the most important step most people make mistakes in when they buy curtains online, making it an equally important point to take note of. When selecting your curtain of choice, paying due diligence to your window measurements will go a long way in determining the type of curtain that’ll fit best with your window length and width.

When choosing curtains, it is better to recheck your measurements as often as possible to prevent mistakes that may lead to you buying one wrong curtain after another. Mistakes in measurements can either lead to you getting curtains too small for your space or too big to fit seamlessly into your window.

To fix this, jotting down your window measurements instead of forcefully memorizing them is advisable. Remember that curtains on most websites are typically labeled with the width as the first number and the length as the second. Adopt this style when measuring to avoid mistakes.

Also, when measuring the width of your windows, you should start and finish on the outermost edge. The figures gotten from this will serve as the base width your windows need to be. While paying attention to the base figures, you can work towards making it as wide as you want by either doubling or tripling these numbers before dividing the final number in half.

It is recommended that you use a measuring tape to keep things even. If, however, you already have a curtain rod or track installed, pay more attention to the width of the rod when you buy curtains online instead.

When measuring the curtain length, it is generally advisable you start your measurement from where the curtain rod will be. This means measurements will be from a few inches above the window edge or within the window bracket to about ¼ to ½ inches above the floor. However, if you already have a curtain rod installed, you should measure the distance from the curtain rod to the floor instead.

Suppose you are still unsure about getting the correct curtain measurements. In that case, websites like Curtarra offer useful guides to help you on your curtain shopping journey. Check Curtarra How To Measure for curtains guide to learn more about how you can measure different header styles.

2.Pick Hard to Maintain Curtain Fabrics When You Buy Curtains Online

As important as it is to get the absolute best to complete your interior décor, paying proper attention to the type of fabric your curtain is made of should be a priority, especially if you wish to use the curtain for an extended period. This is because each material demands different types of care, and while some aren’t as hard, others require more stressful and time-consuming cleaning methods. Not paying attention to this fact is a major mistake people make when shopping for new curtains.

Just like your clothes, curtains are no different in maintenance. Just as some of these fabrics require a quick wash in the machine, others will demand strict steps to take when cleaning them. While this won’t be an issue for some people, others might find these time-consuming maintenance steps too stressful or expensive to attempt. To avoid making a mistake in this aspect, you should buy curtains that you would have no trouble caring for.

If you prefer simple washing methods, curtains made of fabrics like cotton and polyester will be the best choice. Unlike their more luxurious counterparts, these two fabrics can be washed and dried with the machine, making it a less stressful choice while offering great functionality. With this being the case, you should also take note of the laundering instructions, as some of these materials, such as the cotton-polyester blend, might require a gentler wash.

For those willing to go the extra mile when caring for their curtains, the more luxurious materials like silk and velvet curtains are the way to go. While luxurious, these fabrics require skilled dry cleaning for proper care. Although some of these delicate choices, such as linen, are machine washable, most are dry cleaned only.

3.Mismatching with the Interior Décor When You Buy Curtains Online

Ignoring the statement pieces, color schemes, and overall design of your room for a curtain of your choice is another common mistake people make when they buy curtains online. Since curtains are an integral part of any space and help greatly uplift the look and feel of your home, mismatching them with the current interior décor will no doubt bring down the overall beauty of your home instead of taking it up a few notches.

To prevent this, you must pay attention to the overall color scheme, décor style, and theme you are going for so as not to drag it down with your curtain of choice. For example, if you want a neutral theme, curtain colors like white, black, cream, lavender, and gray will fit well in any background. You can also select a curtain with a touch of the wall or room patterns, giving way to a more elevated look.

When it comes to design styles, you need to pay proper attention to the theme you are going for to choose the right curtain that will elevate the entire look. If you want a more traditional design, classic curtains made from cotton or polyester fabrics are the best for you. You can also choose sheer or blackout curtains depending on the level of privacy or light-blocking functionality you wish to have.

For a mid-century modern design style, utilizing earthy colors like light orange and maple red, and light brown into your curtain is the way to go. For this design style, the use of solid curtains is a perfect match since solid curtains are best known for their ability to tie a room of any style together.

Suppose you are instead pushing for a more modern design style. In that case, luxurious curtains like silk and velvet are the curtain fabrics of choice you need to help bring your home to another level. Not only do they bring a wonderful sense of rich extravagance to your room, but they also help to complete the whole posh modern look. Curtains help tie any given design style together, so using the right colors and fabric is something to take note of.

4.Neglecting the Rod When You Buy Curtains Online

While it may seem insignificant at first glance, the curtain rod is essential to the curtain itself. Choosing a rod of inferior quality is a costly mistake that will most likely lead to your entire setup crashing down over time. So you must deeply consider the quality of the rod when you are in the market for some new curtains or drapes.

When picking out a quality rod for the curtain of your choice, there are a few things to consider to prevent mistakes. Firstly, you should go for a rod sturdy enough not to be affected by bending or sagging. For this, you should consider the weight of the curtain in question to guide your judgment better. You should also invest in sturdy rods. For example, you can get rods made of metal or wood instead of plastic.

Another thing to note is the length of the rod. Since selecting the right rod length is an essential step toward installing your curtains properly, you must pick a rod that fits perfectly with your curtain and your window measurements. You should also note that the width of most curtains is adjustable, so longer rods will always be better in this case. To be more precise, you'll have to measure the exact spots you plan to hang the rod, and not just the width of the window, to get the best results.

Finally, you should also pay attention to how the curtain hangs on getting the rod that works for that style of curtain. This is because not all curtains hang the same. Some curtains have pockets or holes you can insert the rod into, while others have metal rings called grommets. When picking rods for curtains with grommets, you can either get rods that match the color of the metal to give the whole setup a chic look or experiment with other colors that you feel would match your entire setting.

5.Installing Poorly After You Buy Curtains Online

After selecting and buying your curtains or drapes, the only thing left at this juncture will be to install and watch them work their magic in your room of choice. However, making errors at this stage can lead to you hanging them incorrectly. Sadly, this is often the case with some people. Misaligning the curtain setup is an error that happens frequently. You must avoid this mistake after coming so far on your journey. Not only will it damage your curtains and make them look displaced, but it can also lead to your walls incurring unintended damage.

To avoid this sort of mistake from taking place, a few things should be properly addressed. Firstly, when hanging your curtain rod, it is advised that you measure the distance from the rod to the floor to ensure that the curtain hangs normally. You should also ensure your curtain rod is perfectly horizontal to avoid your curtains from slanting. To achieve this, you must ensure that the brackets are installed properly.

Secondly, proper care and skill are required to get the best results when installing the brackets that will hold the rods and curtains. If you are installing heavy curtains, it is advisable to mount the brackets into a wall stud or wall anchor. This would help eliminate your brackets coming loose by keeping them firmly in place. You should ensure that each bracket is of the same width from each edge of the window.

If these steps seem somewhat complicated to you, then seeking the assistance of a professional is the way to go. While this will inevitably incur costs, it is still a better alternative to damaging your curtains and walls.

Finally, it is also recommended that you steam or iron out your curtains to remove any wrinkles or creases, making them more presentable when you hang them up. However, you should first refer to the laundry instructions, as some fabrics, like velvet and silk, are quite delicate and can be easily damaged.


Just as buying and installing your curtains can be quite exciting, making mistakes is sure to be a buzzkill. On this note, you should take adequate care when choosing your curtains. Don’t only focus on what you like. Also, consider the entire makeup of your room before settling on a choice. 

Once that is out of the way, making sure your measurements and hardware are in order before going ahead with the installation is a surefire way to prevent mistakes from happening throughout the entire process. Once you’ve considered the above few tips, you will surely receive an edge when it comes to buying and installing the right fit for your home window.

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