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Dorm Decorating Time: 5 Tips for Freshmen to Decorate Dorms with Custom Curtains in the Fall of 2022

With the passing of summer comes fall. While the thought of facing a new school year can be quite begrudging, it also comes with the excitement of a fresh start. You are opening a new chapter with endless possibilities and promises, including new friends, classes, and living space!

Leaving the hustle and bustle of campus life behind, however, ensuring your dorm room feels like home is important. At the end of a long day in school, you should be greeted by the warmth and coziness of your room. To this end, selecting suitable curtains will help further accentuate and take your room décor to another level. Here are five tips for picking custom curtains that promise to blend well with whatever room décor you choose to go with this fall.

Choosing a Color Scheme

To make your dorm room stand out, you need to create a good color scheme. Choosing the right curtain color will help accent the décor theme you’re going for. You have the freedom to experiment with your personal space. Find a color you are comfortable with and go crazy with your combinations. If the curtain colors leave you satisfied and comfy, you have created a space you can call your own.

If you are going for a neutral color scheme in your room, you can give it a lift by adding a pop of bold color with your curtains. Incorporating vivid hues of red, sky blue, navy, or brown will highlight your curtain against the other muted shades and textures. Blackout curtains with bold options will help make your room feel cozy, fresh, and fun.

If you want a seasonal theme, you can opt for curtain color options that rhyme with the seasons. Vivid colors like icy blue, cherry, emerald green, and stark white bring out the intensity and coolness of winter. Spring color palettes usually include warm greens, peach, beige, and tan brown. You can’t go wrong with pale purple, bright pink, lime, sunset orange, or kelly green for a summer look. Colors like pumpkin orange, rusty brown, maple red, and mustard are sensational trends that mix and match with fall.

You can choose to keep up with the latest color trends on campus and pick more mainstream colors. Whether it’s your college color theme or some latest hit, using these curtain colors will help your room fit with the current fashion and style. You can also avoid popular themes and add a personal touch with your favorite color. Mixing different colors in your room is also another good idea. Multicolored curtains can help add an exciting look to bring your space together.

Curtains are great options for highlighting the beauty of your chosen color themes. Quality pieces like pastel solid sheer curtains offer you numerous possibilities in terms of color options for your dorm room décor. In addition, they are lightweight and transparent, allowing natural light and fresh air into your room.

Choosing the Best Fabric for Your Budget

While it might not be considered common knowledge, your curtain fabric is essential to the changing seasons. Asides from choosing a curtain attuned to your style, you should also go for fabrics that best complement your room décor. The curtains should help beautify your room without breaking the bank.

For the fall season, velvet, polyester, and sheer curtains are the go-to fabrics for college students. You can never go wrong with these three choices.

Velvet Curtains

This fabric is the mainstay of the fall season and an essential décor item for your dorm room. Velvet Curtains provide choices that promise functionality and elegance. They help protect against the chill of the night due to the heavy fabric.

In addition, velvet curtains also have soundproof qualities, making them a popular option among college students. Blocking out as much background noise as possible is what most college students crave, so they are great for dorm rooms. The curtains help block out quite a bit of noise, providing a much quieter space.

At Curtarra, curtains made with velvet are very affordable. You’ll be able to decorate your space quite easily without worrying about your budget.

Polyester Curtains

These types of curtains are popular for a reason. Not only are they easily affordable and durable, but they are also easy to care for and maintain. The curtains resist wrinkling, shrinking, stretching, and general wear and tear for extended periods. Curtains made from this fabric are true staples of any freshman room. There truly is no way to go wrong with it.

Polyester fabrics are also great for community-style bedrooms and public spaces in the dorm. Polyester curtains from Curtarra provide a wide array of choices that will give your dorm room the homey look and feel it deserves. They can bring many elegant and luxurious looks, including a satin look and silk look curtains.

Sheer Curtains

Sheer fabrics are very lightweight and airy. They let light flow easily and naturally into your dorm room while protecting your privacy. If you want to enjoy the weather and keep feeling fresh and ventilated, then sheer curtains are your best bet. They add a modern and elegant touch to your room, giving your room that chic look. Curtarra offers affordable sheer fabric types, including solid, semi-sheer, and pattern sheer.

Setting the Mood for Halloween

Halloween, for most, is hands down the best part about the fall season. It features creepy skeletons, painted candles, flowers, and the iconic Jack o’lantern creeping up everywhere across campus. Therefore, planning your room décor to best fit these changes becomes paramount since you wouldn’t want a conflict of colors.

Blackout Curtains

A matching custom curtain will help complete the look when placing the Halloween decorations. If you are going for a dark, gloomy look, then a Foil Print Blackout Curtain is a great option. Blackout curtains shield the room from excess sunlight, creating a soft, dark contrast room.

Room Darkening Curtains

You might also prefer room darkening curtains for their strong shading, which goes well with Halloween. These curtains have the added advantage of protecting your privacy while creating a more intimate feel. They bring a sophisticated look as well, without overwhelming the room.

Texture Curtains

If you wish to go with the traditional Halloween decor, a yellow Pinstripe Texture Curtain might be more to your liking. You can also try out neutral colors like grey and black for the gothic or spooky skeleton aesthetic.

Pattern Curtains

Apart from Halloween, other festive periods come up during the university session. Select complementary curtains to bring out the most from the special seasons for the best interior decoration. You can experiment with pattern curtains for a design that matches the theme of the festive occasion.

However, no matter how creative you wish to get, always remember to match the decorative items with that of your dorm room’s beddings.

Matching the Drapes with Lights

The color-changing LED strip lights are arguably the hottest and trendiest item on campus. They seem to not only be a recurring theme in TikTok videos but a staple in almost every dorm room. Almost every college room you come across will have these pretty lights flashing from their windows.

Coming home after a long day to the soft caress of the blue, purple, or pink colors speaks volumes for itself. So it is no surprise that the trend extends into the fall season. These lights are super-efficient, and their multiple color choices give room for creativity with your interior décor. To this end, picking suitable curtains that blend well with these multiple color choices is a must to complete the entire look.

For the perfect interior décor, the usual earthy colors of fall might seem a bit lacking when put side by side with these colors. Hence, a change of pace or colors, in this case, is called for.

While the lights only show their true brilliance after the sun sets, several curtain choices will work well with them. The right curtains will help draw out the true elegance of your room. Pairing LED colors of blue, purple, and pink with blue or purple Velvety Semi Sheer curtains is the best way to go. This makes the interior colors pop out more, and these two curtain colors complement each other.

Luxury Velvet curtains are another excellent choice for first-year students looking to complement their dorm lights. They come in a variety of colors and feature a solid pattern. They are also well known for their ability to tie together elements of a room. This curtain choice goes well with the aesthetic feel of the lights and is a perfect fit for the fall season. Truly a match made in heaven.

Of course, the lights come in many colors, and just as some might predominantly use the above colors, other colors such as red and green are favorites of other people. To this end, picking curtain colors that either tone down or support them is the safest way to go.

Selecting a soft neutral color like gray to go with red lighting helps to balance the look of your dorm room. For green, however, you can’t go wrong with a similar color since light green curtains complement a green interior perfectly. Picking neutral curtain colors like black, white, and brown is also another way to play it safe for all colors in the LED lights. However, for the truly adventurous, trying your hand at other cheerful colors is highly guaranteed to leave you satisfied.

Paying Attention to Your Statement Pieces

The final tip first-year students would find helpful when choosing the right curtains to incorporate into their rooms is the state of the room itself. This covers all forms of interior decor, from your bedspread to the potted plant on your reading table. Moving into a new place can be overwhelming initially, but you can create your paradise with proper planning.

Campus dorm trends are always based on specific themes. For example, a unique furniture set that suddenly becomes all the rage on campus would be quickly incorporated into everyone’s living space. So, to stand out and create your style from the trend, you need to consider the custom curtain you use to decorate your room. It should be functional and blend well with the hottest college theme.

The fact that the furniture has to blend well with the rest of your décor shows the significance behind colors and patterns. When copying trendy dorm styles, you must find a curtain that suits your personality and matches whatever piece you have in the room.

The most popular trends in furniture and other room items are neutral colors, especially white, brown, and gray. For a predominantly white or gray décor, the curtain color choices that match are quite numerous. You can incorporate blue, beige, creamy white, and burgundy Semi Sheer curtains into your room to bring out the beauty.

Another popular statement piece trending this fall among college students is indoor plants and flowers. The best options to complement these items will be pattern curtains with floral designs. Flower Printed curtains are made of top-quality polyester and cotton material. They feature beautiful blossoming flower designs and will help accent the charming style of your dorm room.

You should also ensure your curtain complements other pieces like artwork, mirrors, and rugs. You need to choose custom curtain colors that go well with the colors of your room items. The colors will depend on whether you want to highlight the curtain or blend it into the background. With the proper knowledge, you can decorate your room with all these pieces to create a uniform aesthetic.

If you’re going for a dark academia vibe, then antique items with a classical era style will be best. Khaki-colored Double-Side Artistic Stripe Texture curtains will also fit well with style. They look stunning and charming with exquisite craft and help protect your privacy.

Final Thoughts

Starting a new school year indeed feels like a lot. Navigating campus life, attending lectures, and participating in other social activities can seem daunting to the average freshman. Therefore, having a home away from home where one can let loose and relax is truly comforting. Following these five trendy tips on decorating your dorm room with curtains this fall season will keep you happier, more productive, and more satisfied.

Here at Curtarra, your satisfaction is our top priority. We provide the very best yet highly affordable curtains and drapes that are sure to cater to any specific need you have. Come shop with us today and give your dorm room a perfect look it deserves.