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DIY Your Old Curtains

Nowadays, more and more people are beginning to pay attention to sustainable development in their lives. For example, they go to second-hand stores to buy clothes, buy degradable products. When people update new curtains for their home, how do they effectively achieve the secondary use of old curtains? Here are a few DIY methods that can be recommended to you.

 pillow case

If the old curtains are made of velvet and the fabric still looks new, you can use them to make some pillowcases, which will give you a super soft, high-grade velvet pillowcase, and bring another update to your space. The last update is the curtains.

 chair cushions

If the old curtains are made of thick and warm fabrics, you can make them into cushions such as seat cushions, pet bed mat, doormat, etc.

 sofa armrest organizer

If the old curtains are made of printed fabric or jacquard fabric, and they are large enough, you can transform them into sofa slipcovers or tablecloths, otherwise, the storage bag for armrest sofas is also a good choice.

 shopping bag

If the old curtains are made of high-precision fabric and the fabric is still tight and can withstand a certain weight, you can transform it into shopping bags or picnic mats.


If the old curtains are sheer curtains, then you can make it into doorway-curtains by plant dyeing them into a new look.

 wall art

If the old curtain is relatively small and the print patterns still beautiful, you can pin it to the frame and make it wall art.


If the old curtains are made of 100% cotton, transforming them into a new quilt is also a good option.