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Difference Between Custom Made and Ready-Made Curtains

The window is one of the most prominent features in your house design. Choosing the right window treatments can bring the room a whole new look or even make it feel larger. In addition to blocking light, saving energy, and providing privacy, premium curtains will also finish a room.

Although many people like to freely customize curtains to create a style that fully meets their needs, others can find what they want in ready-made curtains. In this post, we will talk about the difference between custom-made and ready-made curtains, and spending that extra money is worth it to get exactly the curtains you want. 

Ready-made curtains

People who opt for ready-made curtains are usually drawn to the convenience. Mostly, ready-made curtains can change the appearance of the space in just a few hours and provide a quick and easy solution for their window treatments. And ready-made curtains are generally low-priced than custom curtains since they made in bulk. That means it helps you reduce costs, but it also means a lack of attention to materials and workmanship.

They are made of only certain curtain fabrics and come in several standard sizes that you may not get the exact size or look perfect fit your window. 

Custom Made Curtains

Each room in your house may have a different style, and custom curtains here help to create a unique look and feel for each space. Not only can you choose different colors and textures of fabrics, but you can also choose curtain header style and different curtain functions for each room. For example, you may need blackout curtains for your bedroom, you can choose different lining for the curtains. Adding black lining to blackout curtains can block about 80%-90% light, It may perfect for a nursery room. Adding triple wave lining to blackout curtains can block 100% of lights and block noise, which means you can get a good sleep even in the daytime. Moreover, If your window is not standard width or height, you may need custom-made curtains that make irregular curtains size such as extra long or wide curtains.

With custom-made curtains, the curtains will be made to the exact measurements and customization. You will receive an exceptional tailoring and high-quality curtain that is made to order and worth waiting.


This makes Curtarra different from other custom curtains.

we offer affordable custom-made curtains that fit your chosen style.

We got our own factory and sell the custom curtains directly to customers without any distributors. Our custom curtains may not cheap as those ready-made ones that you can find in some curtain shops. But we strive to provide high-quality fabrics and remarkable design at a reasonable price.

Since we offer custom curtains, including extra long/wide curtains. It may take few days to wait. Our lead time is 3-5 processing days plus 4-5-day shipping.