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Customize Curtains To Complement Your Home Office Preferences

A home-office window treatment is essential no matter the kind of work-from-home (WFH) setup you have. It serves both aesthetic and practical purposes.

Choosing a window treatment can make or break the feel of a room. You'll need to select one that can make a real difference to your workspace, making it a place where you can feel motivated, focused, and productive.

Are you looking for an easy yet effective way to improve your home office style? Choose curtains and drapes! They make your house look more like home. Besides blocking the light, drapes, and curtains also add beauty and elegance to your living space.

Although most curtains are available as pre-packaged sets, you can choose custom drapes and curtains to provide uniqueness and personality.

Designing customized curtains allow you to select header styles, sizes, and patterns to easily complement your home office preferences and style.

Whether you want to re-create your home office to add personality or privacy to the room or improve the overall aesthetics, this guide will walk you through everything essential from trendy curtain ideas to things you should know when buying customized curtains ideas that will inspire you.

Why Get Bespoke Curtains For Your Home?

Besides enhancing home décor, custom curtains do a range of other things. Here are some cogent reasons to buy bespoke curtains for your home office:

-Increase Privacy:

Custom curtains are perfect to manage and protect your home's privacy and restrict prying eyes. Having curtains between you and the outer world not only provides protection but also adds to the overall security of a home.

-Offer Better Insulation:

Installing customized curtains and drapes can help you save enough money on your monthly power bills. Modern, contemporary curtains feature thermal blackout to help regulate temperature and provide an extra insulation layer.


Window treatment can be expensive, particularly when you plan to install it throughout the space. However, this isn't the case with curtains and drapes. You can easily buy your favorite custom curtain as there are plenty available at diverse price tags.

-Climate Control:

Curtains help control the climate in your space, keeping you cozy year-round.

7 Fashionable Custom Drapes And Curtain Ideas To Accentuate Your Home Office

Here are the seven best curtain ideas to add privacy, charming flair, insulation layers, and more to your home office setting:

1. Two Layers Home-Office Window Treatment With Blackout And Sheer Curtains

Some people aren't comfortable or feel safe with only sheer curtains on the windows. Add blackout curtains and drapes!

They help you work smoothly even at night without the prying eyes of neighbors or strangers from outside.

You can separate these heavy curtains and draperies halfway or wholly in daylight to help light pass through.

2.Extra-Long Curtains For Higher Ceilings

Are you looking to provide curtains and drapes for your window on two separate floors? Choose extra-long curtains and draperies!

You can customize curtains of 118-160 inches in size easily. It's one of the best home office décor ideas that can offer elegance and help you stay within budget.

Unsure how to figure out curtain size? Check out this online  Measurement Tool ! It helps you measure curtains and drapes by choosing the type, length, width, and much more.

With this tool, you're sure to find your desired window curtains.

3.Linen Striped Curtains And Drapes

Apply linen striped curtains and drapes in your home office to have a cozy and relaxed ambiance.

Though it may look slightly informal, linen rod pocket curtains can provide increased personality and privacy to suit your workspace preferences.

4.Feel Fresh And Energetic With Pattern Curtains

Although you can choose pattern curtains as you like, we recommend choosing white base curtains with bright motifs such as yellow and green. This will give you enough lighting to work peacefully no matter the time.

Plus, it enhances your home office setup, providing a natural and contemporary feel.

5.Linen Curtains With 'Earthy' Color Palettes

Believe it or not, choosing home office curtains and drapes with three or more colors isn't a sin. Picking color palettes that match your space will make your home office setup more comfortable and relaxing.

Make sure to avoid selecting flashy curtains as they will create an eyesore and make you unproductive.

6.Blackout Curtains And Drapes With Solar Shades

Adjustable solar shade blackout curtains make it easier to filter light traveling to your home office.

When you draw your curtains wide open, you can still enjoy the sun's warmth without worrying about blinding light. Not to mention, it will protect you from UV rays exposure.

7.Sleek White Curtains

WFH setups with pure white themes match all modern, industrial, or contemporary interiors.

Many people opt for white custom drapes and curtains to provide a memorable impression in their workspace. In addition, they can easily blend with greenery outside your window.

Things To Know When You Buy Custom Curtains

Framing your windows with custom drapes and curtains can add personality and glamor to the room or home office.

Due to a wide variety of choices and unique designs, choosing a perfect custom-made curtain for the home office can be increasingly challenging and overwhelming.

Before choosing your favorite draperies, consider the following tips and hints:

Curtain Purpose And Fabric Options

You may install extra-long curtains and drapes if you want increased privacy, a splash of colors, an insulation layer to the window, or create darkness. Sometimes, you might want all that and more.

Heavy fabrics do better in colder climates and help insulate your home office, while light fabrics work wonders in warm temperatures.

Ordering online can be increasingly hard, particularly when choosing curtains and drapes. That's why it's crucial to choose a store offering  Free Swatches .

Before purchasing, get your free swatches and see which one suits most with your space. Look at their textures, patterns, colors, and hold them against the wall you intend to decorate. This way, you'll decide confidently when choosing a curtain.

Nevertheless, here are some popular types and styles that you should look for:


One of the common fabrics for custom curtains, polyester is both sturdy, durable, and affordable. They're easy to maintain and resist shrinking, wrinkling, and even stretching. It's a perfect fabric for people on a tight budget who long for an elegant linen and silk look. Polyester swags are available in all-embracing color choices, styles, and patterns to suit various living spaces' needs.


Luxurious and heavy, velvet is mostly used in formal settings such as home offices to create elegant appeal; however, you can also use it in causal settings to improve comfortability.


Sheer curtains are excellent options for allowing light to travel through. But, it's not perfect for privacy.

Curtain Style

Curtain shades and draperies come in various styles. While customized drapes and curtains can be increasingly expensive, curtain panels could be cheaper.

Consider what suits best with your window and room. A single panel is excellent in small spaces, while a double panel creates symmetry and looks perfect for large areas, including home office settings.

Panels with cornice or pelmet boards are formal and structured. In contrast, panels with fabric valance are traditional and romantic.

Don't forget to take into account the heading as well. French pleats, pole pockets, grommets, and pencil pleats are a few standard headings you can choose for your setting.

Color & Patterns

Whether you choose single or double-sided curtains, they consume large visual spaces and have a lasting effect on the room's appearance and aesthetics.

To choose the perfect color for your home office setting, take some swatches of fabrics to your home and hold them against pillows, sofas, and walls to check which best suits your space and improves ambiance.

If required, you can tape swatches to walls for a few days to make the final decision.

Curtain Size

Make sure to keep your curtains and drapes two times the width of your window, no matter if they're usually drawn. Also, it's better if they're long.

For an elegant and rich look, they could puddle on a floor, whereas for a clean and streamlined style, they could skim the ground.

Short drapes and curtains should brush window sills. However, if you plan to buy store-bought panels instead of custom-made, make sure to get long ones and have them rimmed.


Custom drapes and curtain rods should meet the fabrics. Light sheers and silks work best on thinner, light-weight bars, while heavier draperies like velvets can sit nicely on large decorative rods.

Ensure the hardware you choose compliments your home office. Also, it's better to repeat materials or stick to a theme.

For example, if you've Lucite chairs or lamps, it's best to go with Lucite draperies and customized shades.

Mount The Curtains

There's a range of schools to hang curtains and drapes. Here are the best mounting options you should aim for:

-Contemporary: Mount your hardware just under the ceiling. This is a trendy, modern look that can make tops look higher and elegant.

-Traditional: Mount your hardware some inches above the casing of a window. It provides a traditional, classic feel and looks super cool.

Finish With Curtain Finials

It might seem small, but finials (screws and decorative) at the side of curtain rods can offer the finishing to the window dressing you always dreamed of.

You can purchase upgraded curtain finials to change style and design without replacing hardware. A great home office is about details; adding curtain and drape finials will perfect the look you want.


Decorating your windows with custom drapes and curtains is an excellent way to add and improve your workspace's color, personality, and style.

Whether you choose linen, blackout, silk, velvet, or pattern curtains, they will provide better ambiance, privacy, and comfort and even protect you from UV rays.

If you're looking for a window treatment that complements your home office preferences, look no further than Curtarra – the best place in town to shop for customized curtains and drapes to meet your unique taste.

We have a wide variety of top-notch custom drapes and curtains at affordable rates to give your home office the finishing you always wanted. For more info,  Contact Us directly!