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Custom Curtains to Spruce Up Your Home Gym in 2022

In all honesty, exercising is a hard ask for most of us. While home gyms effectively make exercising more accessible and eliminate all the difficulties associated with a public gym, it still takes determination to work out. However, the right environment can make it much easier, especially for home gyms.

An inspiring home gym could remove most of the mental barriers associated with working out and motivate you to reach your fitness goals. In the long run, setting up your home gym to be aesthetically pleasing can be an excellent investment. An effective way to achieve this could be investing in custom curtains.

Introducing custom curtains into your home gym could give it a distinctive look and feel. These curtains come in unique patterns and colors, and picking the right style can help you spruce up your home gym.

Why Use Curtains for Your Home Gym?

In almost all public gyms, curtains serve as gym dividers. They help maximize floor space by dividing the gym into smaller portions. Gym divider curtains are efficient, and their thin design ensures they take up almost no room in a gym.

On the flip side, curtains used in home gyms serve a completely different purpose – privacy. In truth, the idea of a home gym boils down to accessibility and privacy, so you can't blame anyone for not wanting to be seen working out. 

These days, however, curtains are not only considered helpful for just privacy. These soft furnishings are also efficient for home gym decor. A curtain's style and color could be a significant factor in keeping you energized, inspired, and motivated when working out.

Working out is essential, and if you wish to do so in a home gym, there are tips to follow in setting up one. Firstly, you should be focused on keeping it as attractive as possible. A beautiful gym makes you willing to spend more time in the gym. Yoga, for instance, requires a calm and serene environment. Hence, you should try as much as possible to create a serene feel in your gym.

Ventilation is also vital in working out, and the air quality of your gym should be constantly monitored. While you might want to maintain privacy, you should also open the curtains to let in the fresh air. Another alternative would be to have a proper ventilation system. This operates effectively alongside an air conditioning unit to always supply clean, cool, and fresh air.

Finally, it's typical for the eyes to get tired when in a confined space. Hence, having an opening in the room is essential. You can keep your focus on distant objects and prevent your eyes from tiring.

How Does Color Effect Workout

Color psychology is not a new theory. Different studies have proven the effect of different colors on a person's mood, productivity, energy, and concentration. Hence, it's no surprise that the colors in your home gym can impact your workout too.

While it's flawed to say color adds some physical improvement, the psychological effects it offers are undeniable. As such, it's always a good idea to leverage the impact of color psychology in designing your home gym. Thus, here are some of the most effective colors to consider for your home gym design.

● Red

Red is simply a color of extremes and can effectively increase your heart rate and boost your workout. Red is very dynamic and represents strength. Hence, including red in your home gym could serve as a mental motivation to undertake more rigorous routines.

● Blue

For most people, blue represents stability and trust. It has a relaxing effect, increasing productivity, concentration, and motivation in the gym. Additionally, blue objects appear lighter. Thus, using blue in a gym would make the whole workout process seem less tiring.

● Green

Ever wondered why running outside or taking a stroll around the park is so soothing? While the natural breeze plays a part, another reason is the "green color" of the outdoors. Green represents growth and renewal and has been proven to offer a restorative experience. Hence, adding green to your home gym gives you the extra boost required to begin or continue your workout indoors.

When selecting a color for your home gym, perception is key. There are so many effects different colors have on our emotions and behaviors. The theory of color psychology is to discover the mental reaction towards what you visually see. For instance, while red can lead to a boost in adrenaline, it could also represent danger. Hence, when picking a color, context and perception are necessary.

How to Choose the Best Curtains for Your Home Gym

Curtains are one aspect of home decor that can’t be ignored. The curtain you select goes a long way to set the tone for your gym. With so many options, selecting a curtain can be very confusing. Hence, here are a few suggestions on how to choose the best curtains for your home gym.

Decide on the Fabric

Deciding on the fabric is essential in choosing a curtain. Here you identify the essence of a curtain in your gym. While some people use curtains to maintain their privacy, to others, they are helpful for just decorations.

The particular use of a curtain would dictate the most appropriate fabric. Here are some of the most common fabrics used for home gym curtains.

● Polyester: Polyester is one of the most used. This is because they are durable, strong, and effortless to maintain. Furthermore, they are also preferred because of their versatility, as they could be used to make light, attractive drapes and blackout curtains. Polyester curtains can be used ideally for any home gym requirement.

● Velvet: Typically fashioned from silk, the velvet fabric brings a lavish look to a room. The thickness of this material makes it ideal for a home gym curtain. Velvet drapes are great for blocking light and effectively saving energy. Aside from silk, velvet fabrics are also made with synthetic fibers making them much more affordable.

● Sheer: Sheer curtains are popular for their exquisite and attractive looks. These transparent curtains serve more for beautification than other functions. Using sheer fabric for a gym curtain makes the gym more aesthetically pleasing. They also filter out light partially. Some popular sheer fabrics are nylon net, lace, voile, gauze, and muslin.

● Cotton: Curtains from cotton are available in different styles and thicknesses. They are also easily customized. Hence, you are sure to see most with a print or embroidery. They are also easily washable and durable, making cotton an affordable fabric for a gym curtain.

Other common curtain fabrics include linen, pure silk, and brocade.

Color is Everything

In selecting a color for your home gym, your decision should be based on two possibilities. The curtain should be in sync and perfectly complement the rest of the room, and it should also trigger some mental reaction necessary for working out.

These two possibilities would determine the hue you opt for. Accent colors complement other colors perfectly to give off a pleasing look. 

Select Curtains Based On Maintenance

Curtains are made with different fabrics that determine how they should be maintained. Typically, you are required to clean a curtain every three to six months. However, while some curtains can be machine-washed, others require additional care.

Most of our custom curtains are made from velvet, polyester, and sheer fabrics, which are very easy to wash and maintain.

Measure The Length Of Your Door Or Window

This is essential in figuring out the curtain length you need. To determine this, you should decide if the curtain would stop at the bottom of the window or go all the way to the floor. It’s never really easy to determine the curtain length you need accurately. As a result, Curtarra offers an easy-to-use measurement tool to help you figure out your curtain size and choose a curtain type. The measurement tool guides you in selecting the best size through the following steps.

● Header

● Rod Installed

● Coverage Width

● Coverage Length

● Panels

● Fullness

● Bottom

The measurement tool also makes the following recommendations on length and fullness.

● The drapery rod should extend at least 6-10 inches on either side to provide maximum window exposure.

● The curtain rod should be placed as high as possible, about 2-3 inches below the ceiling.

Custom Curtain Ideas For Home Gym

Custom curtains are the perfect decor items if you wish to give your home gym a unique look. Curtarra has various custom curtains with different styles and colors to make your home gym aesthetically pleasing and keep you energized, inspired, and motivated when working out. Check out the options below.

  Diana Modern Velvet Curtains

The Diana Modern Velvet Curtain effectively brings a unique look and feel to your home gym decor. Made of top-quality 300gsm velvet fabric, this soft furnishing can block 70-90% of light, giving you complete privacy when working out.

Aside from its function as a light barrier, it also effectively saves energy. As a result, your gym temperature remains normal regardless of how hot or cold it is outside, keeping you energized for long periods. Diana Modern Velvet Curtains are fashioned in different colors. You could opt for the adrenaline-boosting red or the calm feeling that comes with a green hue. This curtain will surely make your home gym glow regardless of your choice.

  Paul Foil Print Blackout Curtains

Made of quality 220gsm triple weave fabric, the Paul Foil Print Blackout Curtain is a perfect choice for privacy. It lives up to its title, blocking 80-90% light. It's also available in various header types, including grommet top, pinch pleat double and rod pocket. 

The oval, damask and Moroccan pattern options give this drape a stylish and elegant look. It also possesses a modern and decorative attribute, making it ideal for different occasions, including your home gym. Add elegance to your home gym today with the Paul Foil Print Blackout Curtain.

  Luna Linen Look Curtains

The Luna Linen Look Curtain is a simple but efficient furnishing that looks to bring style to your home gym. It's made of eco-friendly linen blend fabric that gives off a soft, textured hand feeling. With a triple woven construction and high-density linen fabric, this curtain is effective for privacy and blocking out light.

The simple and solid pattern of the Luna Linen Look Curtain also makes it a very versatile addition to any room decor. It comes in various styles, features, and colors to match any style you prefer. Whether you’re looking to make your gym more happy and relaxed, or you wish to trigger an energized and motivated feeling, then the luna linen look curtain is sure to impress.

 Eleanor Cotton-Blend Textured Curtains

The Eleanor Cotton-Blend Textured Curtain is highly efficient and versatile. Made of top-quality triple-weave 330gsm fabric, it comes in mostly accent colors, giving off a soft, warm, and modern feel.

It comes in a unique design that offers a well-crafted appearance and soft feel. In addition, this drape not only blocks the light out but serves as an effective energy-saving barrier. It efficiently insulates against heat and cold, keeping your gym at a steady temperature regardless of the season. The Eleanor Cotton-Blend Textured Curtain is a quality addition to give your gym a stylish and simple look.

 Amelia Corduroy Texture Curtains

Made of high-quality 300gsm fabric, the Amelia Corduroy Texture Curtain is ideal for maintaining your privacy and keeps 50-70% of light out. Total blackout is also possible when the lining is added. These neatly trimmed curtains are also very eco-friendly.

The Amelia Corduroy Texture Curtains come in many styles and hues. It also has a horizontal design, giving your window a more comprehensive look. Whatever your preferences, this elegant drape is an ideal choice to give your home gym a distinctive look.

 Victoria Luxury Velvet Curtains

Victoria Luxury Velvet Curtains are made of high-quality 280gsm velvet fabric, thick enough to block out 70% of light. It is ideal for maintaining your privacy and comes with blackout linings, blocking out light completely and functioning as an energy-saving barrier.

The velvet fabric of this curtain also makes it a perfect fit for your home gym. It comes in five colors, including red, blue, and pink, all perfect for your home gym. If you wish to complement existing colors in your gym, then the calm and elegant texture of the Victoria Luxury Velvet curtain is sure to do justice to that.


Custom curtains are perfect additions to your home gym decor because they are versatile and bring a unique look to your exercise room. In setting up a gym, efficiency is key, and custom curtains offer so much efficiency and flexibility.

They come in many patterns, colors, and styles and are made from different materials. All these options empower you to create the perfect environment for your workout sessions. Being custom-made, they are perfectly crafted to suit your preference and give your home gym an exceptional look and feel.

Therefore, if you're in the market for soft furnishings to spruce up your home gym, reach out to us today for the latest selection of custom curtains. They are perfectly crafted to give your space the perfect accent touch.