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Curtains in the Nursery

The most important elements in the nursery are healthy and safe, so the fabric material of the curtain must be safe and no pungent odor.


The second point is light control. Baby's eyes are more sensitive to light so the light of the nursery usually is dark yellow and warm. The curtain should soften the sunlight and keep the room bright at the same time.


It would be perfect if the curtains can insulate against heat and cold, help to keep nursery cooler in summer and warmer in winter.


Besides, make sure it is an airy nursery and the curtain’s material should be breathable.

 roller curtains in nursery

In order to provide baby a better space, the curtains in nursery usually come in a combination, like the combination of blinds and sheer curtains, the combination of roller blind and cloth curtain, the combination of sheer curtains and cloth curtains and etc. In this way, the curtains can provide multiple functions like light control, Thermal insulation at the same time.

 roller and sheer curtains in nursery

In addition to the functional requirements of curtains, we also need to consider the decorative, which not only finishes interior decoration but also can cultivate the visual aesthetics of the baby.

bright ceil in nursery 

Now, a growing number of parents are choosing gender-neutral nurseries. Do minimalist decor and use light colors like green and yellow. Then add some eye-catching things like curtains or printed ceiling. It is very easy to create a perfect nursery when the colors of all the decorations in the room are harmonious and unified. So pay attention to the color when select curtains.

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