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Curtains in the Living Room

The color of curtains in the living room

For the color of the curtains in the living room, the color you choose first can be the same color as the wallpaper of the living room and lighter than the wallpaper. In addition, we can choose neutral tones like beige, milky, vanilla, pale green, sky blue or blue, turquoise. Of the darker ones – the color of cherries, plums, milk chocolate, olive or coffee curtains in the living room to create a comfortable atmosphere and cozy, modest style.



The style of curtains in the living room

 French curtains

French curtains1

French curtains3                                                                                                                                                       

French curtains are the first choice in common if there is a large living room. It is often long enough to fit the big space and strengthen the sense of luxury, cozy and romantic.

 double layer curtains

double layer curtains1                                                                                                                                                        Secondly, People also choose double-layer curtains for the large living rooms, the combination of cloth curtains and semi-sheer curtains, can make the color richer and have a good performance on decoration.


 grommet top curtains

If your living room is not that large and you don’t have large enough windows to let light enter, at this time, you can choose grommet header curtains, because it is very convenient to open and close, which is convenient for light to enter.


roller blinds

roller curtains and semi sheer curtains

Roller blinds or white blinds come with sheer curtains some times are other popular destinations. Look good in small, comfortable living rooms. Let the light enter and protect privacy.

 Roman curtains

Roman curtains, which combining elegance and simplicity, fit perfectly for medium living rooms that have several windows. They are easily lowering and raising the canvas to adjust the light entering the room at any time.

japanese door way curtains

If there is a door to the dining room in the living room, you can use Japanese curtains(doorway curtains) as a division when your house in nature style. Japanese curtains, which are several identical pieces of fabric, look quite simple and stylish for a naturalistic interior. Suitable for both cramped and spacious rooms.                                                                                                                                                                              beads curtain

Besides, beads curtain does well on the room decoration.

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