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Curtain Care Tips You Must Try

       How often do you wash your curtains? Most people may never wash it and don’t know how to wash curtains. What are the potential hazards of not washing curtains for a long time? What are the convenient cleaning tips for lazy people?


                                                          How dirty is the curtain?

       According to the survey, more than 90% of users have an excessive bacterial index on the curtains at home, 88% of the people’s curtains have the mold index out of the standard, it is filled with fine dust and becomes a hotbed for dust mites after prolonged use, which will easily cause cough, allergic rhinitis and asthmatic diseases.


       The elder and children, as well as people who have respiratory tract disease and chronic disease, are easy to be affected. Therefore it is very necessary to clean the curtain regularly.

                                                      How to clean the curtains?

       Many people have never washed their curtains since they hung it up, or when they are in a whim, they just throw curtains into the washing machine and finally, it turns out that the curtains get shrunk! Washing curtains can be tricky as it depends on the material, color, and any other extra embellishments. So finding the correct cleaning method can increase their fabric life!


The most convenient cleaning method: vacuum!

       vacuuming is the simplest way to clean curtains. Every half month or so, use the low-section setting if your vacuum has one and clean the curtains from top to bottom, left to right. Always make sure that trims, buttons, and other embellishments are secure before vacuuming.


       If you don't have a vacuum cleaner at home, you can buy some sterilizing spray, and spray it on the curtains when you have nothing to do, not only to remove dust but also to keep the air fresh~


       Vacuuming is the most convenient way to clean curtains’ dust in daily life.but the cleaning methods of different curtains materials are slightly different. Everyone should choose the right method according to the material of their own curtains.

Chemical fiber - machine washable

        Always read the fabric label before putting the curtains in the washing machine. Chemical fiber curtains (including polyester, nylon, acrylic, etc.) are best-taken care of, they are sunlight durable and wear-resisting. Most home curtains are made of chemical fiber.

       Chemical fiber material curtains can be directly thrown into the washing machine cleaning, not afraid of deformation. Recommend to use neuter gentle scour, add the word of some softener, curtain color can be protected better. The curtains of chemical fiber material can be directly washed in the washing machine without deformation. Mild neutral detergent is also recommended. Meanwhile, adding some softener helps keep the color of the curtain better.

       After the curtains have been washed, do not completely dry them. It can be hanged after finish dripping water. The existing water can increase the drape of the curtains, and it is not so easy to wrinkle.

Cotton and linen - Dry Cleaning

       Cotton and linen are natural materials with good breathability and touch. However, they are easy to shrink, wrinkle and deform after washing, so they can not be soaked for a long time or machine washed. The best cleaning method is dry cleaning.

       Wash it in cold water. After washing, do not dehydrate, dry or expose to the sun, let it dry naturally. Pure cotton needs to be hung in the sun and stretched or ironed, otherwise, it will wrinkle easily.

Gauze material- Gently Cleaning

       The fabric of the gauze is finer, so it cannot be washed by the washing machine, which will easily cause fiber breakage and greatly reduce the service life.

       It is best to pour laundry detergent into warm water, and then put the curtains in and gently wash.

Velvet material-----Extrusion Washing

       The velvet curtains are heavy and textured, they are relatively "delicate". Do not wash them by machine or wash hard

       When removing the whole curtain, it is best to shake it first, then soak it in warm water with detergent for about 15 minutes. If you do not remove the curtain, you can soak the cloth in the solution and gently wash it by hand. In order to avoid the deformation of the curtain, do not twist hard after washing, put it on the shelf, and let the water drain slowly.

Other warming tips:

1. Yellowing, oily, mildew on the curtains can be soaked in warm water with detergent in advance, about 15-60 minutes;

2. Choose a soft model for machine-washable curtains.

3. Curtains are best dried naturally to prevent wrinkles and deformation; special materials such as silk and velvet are best sent to dry cleaners;

4. Whether to iron after drying depends on the material of the curtain, cotton and linen can be ironed, it is best not to iron the flannel; the temperature of the iron is not more than 110 °C

       We know that caring for the largest piece of fabric in your home can’t be easy, so hopefully, you are now ready to clean your curtains like a pro!

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