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Chic Ideas for Dressing a Bay Window

Bay window can be awkward to dress, but stylish window treatments will create a stunning focal point in any room. Here we share some wonderful ways to dress a bay window with you.

Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are a very common form of curtain decoration, which can be divided into folding type, fan form, wave type. The stacking can achieve a layered spatial decoration effect, creating a more intimate and comfortable indoor environment. It won't take up space on the bay window.

                                        Roman Blinds   


Sheer Curtains

The most suitable match with the bay window is the sheer curtains, with the breeze blows, the atmosphere is perfect.

                                           Sheer Curtains


Fabric Curtains

Bay window is used as an indoor and outdoor port, so it is not enough to satisfy the decoration. Shading and privacy are also very necessary. Fabric curtains can also become a rare decorative element.

                                         fabirc curtains



The shutters are beautiful and durable, and the neatly arranged lines can show the style and warmth of the plane. Adjusting the light through the rotation of the slat. In addition, whatever curtains you choose you can adjust the light through the rotation of the slat. 


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