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Check out Why We Recommend Gray Curtains

If you love neutral colors then grey is your first. This color gives off a timeless look to any space. Grey curtains are beautiful, timeless, with no strong style but fit any style. And also do better at blocking light out than other colors. Next, I will share 8 classic cases of gray curtains.

gray curtains1


The draped curtains are matching with top curtains and come with a light glacial gray tone, which has a romantic style and charming look.

gray curtains2


There is a simple glacier grey wallpaper with a sweet pink sofa in the living room, add some taupe printed curtains, the whole space looks very comfortable.

gray curtains3


In this design, the light pink print wall surface is matched with the taupe fabric curtains to create a clean and stylish look, full with cold modern style.

gray curtains4


The basic color is elegant grey as the wall decoration, while the grey-blue curtains are matched with the theme color, giving a sense of etherealness and comfort.

gray curtains5


The modern space made of gray is full of the atmosphere of the times and is extremely masculine. The large floor-to-ceiling windows with gray curtains can bring sufficient light, and can also cater to the natural environment, which has a more peaceful meaning.

gray curtains6


The color design of the dining room can be concise, showing a more modern urban sense. Choose gray curtains to balance the tone of the space.

gray curtains7


The soft light gray curtains are extra-long bring elegance to space, and when they have contact with the light green carpet, this low-key elegance is vividly expressed.

gray curtains8


If there is gray in the large color blocks of the space, such as carpets, sofas, sofa cushions, bedding, etc., you can choose gray curtains, which basically will not go wrong.

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