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Bring More Sheer Curtains Into Your House in 2021

Sheer curtains are more often regarded as a window treatment solution nowadays and they’re really rather versatile. Light and airy, they’re highly functional with the ability to filter and diffuse light during the day while retaining privacy. And because they can be made from several different kinds of fabric, available in a variety of colors and pattern or texture options, and also can filter more lights when using semi-sheer, you can also achieve very different looks with sheer curtains to combine with blinds or drapes.

 sheer, single or double

Sheer & semi-sheer

Sheer and semi-sheer are the different options for privacy. One nice feature of sheer or semi-sheer curtains is the additional privacy they afford. While they don't shut out daylight from your residence, they do add a layer of insulation from outside observation.

Sheer curtains often filter about 5-10% of the light and you can see through.

Semi-sheer curtains can filter about 15-20% of the light and you can’t see through.

When you adding a white lining to the sheer&semi-sheer curtains, it can block about 40-50% of light out and it close to a room darkening curtain.

 pattern sheer curtains

Solid color sheer & pattern or texture sheer

Sheer curtains are wonderful transition pieces between indoor and outdoor living spaces. They can enhance a room's ambiance through the softening of incoming light, and finishing your room style when coming with a special pattern like a Boho pattern. When windows are open and a gentle breeze is blowing through, the movement of the sheers can also provide a nice stylistic touch.

Solid sheer curtains in white, champagne, beige, sky blue, baby pink colors are more suitable for the celebration activities like the wedding, birthday party.

Pattern or texture sheer usually be used in a children’s room, a certain style room, or a holiday season to enhances the festive atmosphere.


The width and the length

Like with curtains, you want your sheers to have a bit of a wave to them. When measuring the width, double or triple the width of your window depending on how billowy you want them to appear. Learn how to measure for curtains or just use the measurement finder to figure out the right width.

With the height, if used in conjunction with a floor-length curtain, you can either have the sheer the same length (or just an inch shorter) or only have the sheers hang down to the sill. If they are to hang on their own floor-length is recommended; not only for a much more elegant look, due to the lightweight nature of the sheer fabric, the extra weight from a longer length will help it hang straighter and smoother.

 shher with other layers

Sheer works well with other layers

Using sheer curtains in combination with block-out curtains, room darkening drapes, roller blinds, or roman blinds are a wonderful way to allow for a high level of control over lighting and privacy levels. For instance, this layered solution allows for total nighttime privacy that can easily switch to letting sunlight in through transparent sheers during the day. Moreover, the extra layer of curtains increases the insulation benefits, makes the room warmer in winter and colder in summer, and also reduces the noise.

You can use block-out roller blinds, roman blinds, or room-darkening&block-out curtains or lining behind sheers to obtain this layered and functional look.

 Sheer Curtains in wedding, patio, etc

Apply sheer on other occasions

Whether you decide to use sheer curtains on undercover outdoor patio areas, or as screens, or background, or bed canopies, or room dividers, there are wonderful stylistic and practical benefits that come along with them. However, maybe you are wondering exactly what the best way to use them in your home would be. If so, reach out to us at Curtarra.com for a great online customizing curtains chance. 

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