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A Gorgeous Way to Refresh Your Mudroom: Mudroom Curtains Guide

Curtains are not the first thought on homeowners’ minds when starting to decorate their home's entryway. However, this is usually the first space people see when walking in, providing first impressions.

When picking the perfect mudroom curtains, ensure they match your current décor and color scheme, provide the functions you need for the room, and are affordable yet high-quality options.

After deciding what your perfect mudroom design looks like, pick top-rated custom curtains that will impress your guests every time.

Mudroom Curtains Designs to Spice up Your Space

When you are ready to design the mudroom of your dreams, consider one of these jaw-dropping themes. Then, imagine what curtains will fit into this space the best.

Remember, these are simply suggestions, turn the ideas into your own by experimenting with various fabrics, colors, and designs.

A Nautical Touch

The nautical-inspired design is trendy these days. So, decorating your mudroom with all things seas and ships will make it look less than impressive.

Once your room is situated, the furniture is set, and the décor is complete, finish off the look with a beautiful set of custom mudroom curtains. High-quality navy blue curtains would go very well in this specific space.

Rustic Custom Country

When you think rustic country, what is the first thing that comes to mind? For us, it’s old barn doors, wooden benches and shelves, and wicker baskets for storage.

Nothing screams out at us like Buffalo check print regarding mudroom curtains for a rustic country theme. Some other color options include neutral tones like soft browns, greys, dark greens, and warm oranges if you prefer something a little more solid.

How About Boho Chic?

A chic boho entryway can showcase your elegant inner style and unique personality. This design is fabulous for any room and will turn any old mudroom into one of the best areas of the house.

Along with decorative wooden arrows, colorful pillows, a woven bench, and potted plants, drape some curtains with colors inspired by nature, such as lilac or sky blue; the collection can also work well for this theme. The best thing about Boho is that anything goes.

Stars and Stripes

If you feel a little patriotic, you can focus on the stars and stripes in your mudroom. This theme typically centers around a color scheme of red, white, blue, and Americana décor.

If this is an idea you are interested in going with, we suggest checking out the white Stripe Textured Sheer Curtains. Or, for a darker space, the red Diana modern velvet option.

What Can Mudroom Curtains do For Your Space?

An attractive set of high-quality mudroom curtains are critical for a gorgeous space, providing insight into your family’s style and personality types. You can pick a bright color that will make a dull room pop or a fun pattern that ties the rest of your décor together.

Curtains are essential for privacy, blocking the ability to see easily inside your windows. They can also keep the warm sun from shining on those very bright days.

Room darkening or blackout curtains can offer a comfortable feeling to your mudroom, especially at night when your candles are glowing, or the porch light illuminates the room through the front door.

Sheer curtains provide a little protection while allowing a gentle breeze to flow through the space, freshening up your home.

Does your mudroom tend to get chilly in the winter? Adding a heavy set of high-quality curtains is a great way to block any breeze from the window, limiting the outside airflow from entering the area, and will keep your mudroom warm all season long.

How to Choose the Best Look for Your Space Using Mudroom Curtains?

Many variables go into designing the perfect mudroom for every home. The colors and designs will vary depending on the person and environment.

When you are ready to pick out custom curtains for your mudroom, here are some of the most important things to remember.

1. Size and Number of Windows

Before ordering curtains for your mudroom, you should always measure the size of each window and choose enough panels to cover them all.

If you aren't sure what curtain size you need, you can use Cutarra's measurement tool to help you correctly measure your space and order the perfect fabric for each window. This guide can also help you choose the fullness of your curtains and how many panels you need.

2. Personal Taste

Just because the curtain can go with your mudrooms theme doesn't mean it fits your taste and style. High-quality hand-made curtains, like the ones made by Curtarra, will last quite a long time, so pick a style you will enjoy.

3. Budget

Curtarra offers customers exquisite products with a price tag fit for budgets of all types. Other handmade, custom, durable, quality curtains can cost you a small fortune, but not here. Find mudroom curtains you love at a highly affordable price by visiting Curtarra.com.

4. Features

The curtains in your mudroom should be just as functional as they are fashionable. Choose the best set of curtains based on your specific needs.

Some of the features to consider when picking out custom mudroom curtains include

Light blocking- Light blocking curtains will keep the glare from the sun or the bright light from your neighbor's porch from coming through your mudroom windows.

Energy saving- Some curtains are made with a thick fabric, keeping the outside temperatures from entering your home, saving you tons on your utility bill.

Insulation- Heavy materials will help insulate your mudroom, helping to keep it nice and warm in the winter.

UV Protected- Curtains are constantly exposed to sunlight, which can damage the fabric. UV coating creates a layer of protection that will prolong the life of your curtains and their color.

Machine washable- Mess happens. It is important to know how to clean the fabrics without damaging them. Machine washable curtains make the clean-up process quick and easy.

Types of fabric- There are many types of fabric to choose from when picking out a set of home theater curtains. Choosing high-quality materials with the fabrics that best fit your space is important. (Think durability, thickness, and texture.)

Noise reducing- Noise reduction curtains are designed to absorb sounds, which can keep your mudroom quiet even with windows facing heavy traffic, thunderstorms, etc.

5. Quality

If you spend your hard-earned money on curtains, you want to ensure they are made to last. Curtarra's expert staff hand-makes their products from top-quality fabrics.

All the materials used have been hand-picked to provide customs with the best products, from Italian velvet to pure linen and everything in between.

If you want mudroom curtains crafted to hang around for a while, Curtarra is the place to go.

Final Thoughts

Why waste your time searching for top-quality, affordable, beautiful mudroom curtains matching your style and personality? The custom curtains made by Curtarra are everything your mudroom needs and much more.