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6 Practical Ways to Secure Outdoor Curtains against the Wind



     COVID-19 pandemic disrupted many people's plans in 2020. During this unusual period, people decorated their houses, hung outdoor curtains in the courtyard, and had a barbecue with families, creating unforgettable memories.

     Although the outdoors is exciting, what annoys people most is the unpredictable weather, such as extreme sun and rain. So a lot of people choose outdoor waterproof curtains at the outdoor garden, porch, pergola, cabana, gazebo, patio, poolside, etc. However, strong wind still blows the curtains, greatly affecting the outdoor experience. 

     In this article, we will introduce 6 practical ways to keep outdoor curtains from blowing in the wind.


1. Add weight to your curtains in the below ways

  •  Purchase heavy curtains directlySome people may prefer to thin outdoor sheer curtains, in this case, other methods I would mention below could be a reference.stainless steel chain curtain hem
  •  Open the seams on both sides of the bottom of the curtain, then run the stainless steel chain through the bottom hem of the curtain, and finally sew two sides as before they were opened.

         If your curtain bottom is a grommet, things would be easier.

 tool for curtain hem

  • Place small pebbles, fishing weights, or even coins into the bottom hem. Slide these little weights between the fabric and hold it in place. You can add extra stitches to create pockets at the bottom.

          Maybe placing coins sounds a little extravagant


curtain weight 

  • You can make a few DIY bags, fill them with sand or other heavy objects, and attach it to the bottom hem with string.


curtain hem with shell weight 

             When it is not very windy, you could hang some shells, beads to make the curtain look more beautiful.


The advantage of this method is that the gravity of the attached accessory is determined according to the local wind strength. Due to the gravity of the hem attachment, the whole outdoor curtain hangs up very vertically and does not show too many wrinkles.


2. Buy Grommet Top and Bottom curtains


 grommet top and bottom curtains

    This kind of curtain is especially suitable for the porch, patio. All you need is to install a rod in the bottom or run cable or wire through the grommet bottom.

Sometimes the wind blows,  the curtain looks like raised sailing, it is very interesting.

 grommet top and bottom curtains

    It is worth reminding that if you live in areas with strong winds such as Buffalo and Dallas, strong winds may break the grommet top and bottom curtain, which will also greatly reduce the service life of outdoor curtains.

    Therefore, there is another method. When the strong wind comes, you'd better close the curtain, do not pull the curtain tight. It will greatly reduce drag, and create a calm and relaxed atmosphere.


  Tarp Grabbers and cup hooks

3.Tie outdoor curtains to the ground

     Tarp Grabbers and cup hooks! Attach tarp grabbers to the bottom of curtains, insert cup hooks into the ground, and then tie two of them together with a small rope.

 dog ties or dog chain stakes


    Another similar method is to run a cable through the bottom hem and then fix it with the dog ties or dog chain stakes, and then insert the dog chain stakes into the ground.

    No doubt you can buy dog ties or dog chain stakes at a pet store.


4. The combination of magnet and metal bar


    If the curtain is hanging near the porch pole or railing, magnets can be sewn into the left and right sides of the curtain (note not sewn on the hem) and then inserted metal strip into the porch pole, at least one side of the left and right side of the curtain can be attached to the porch pole or wall.

    Another is to sew small circular magnets into the bottom hem and insert metal strips into the ground.

   If it's windy outside, that might require strong enough magnets. In this case, this approach may not be practical. Anyway, give it a try!




 clip curtains2

5.Clip curtains together

    If you are walking along a long outdoor hallway with outdoor curtains hanging continuously, the easiest way to do this is to place a variety of small clips between the curtains, closely connected curtains look like side by side people who are participating in three-legged races, full of power.

   If your curtains are light, such as white curtains, it is best to use stainless steel clips without leaving traces, otherwise, it may leave dirt on the curtains.



tie curtain to railing

6.Tie the curtains to the railing

    If your curtains are close enough to the railing and aren't used regularly, or when it's windy, close your outdoor curtains and tie them to the porch railing or deck railing.



winds slit

    The above are the 6 practical ways. I noticed that many articles mentioned wind slits, which imitates the application of billboards to cut a small vertical slit on the outdoor curtain.

     I think this method is controversial. For one thing, you damaged your curtains by making small cuts in the fabric of the curtains, and how you could make sure the wind would not rip the curtains through that little opening?

    For another thing, Some researchers have found that there is a precondition for wind slits to reduce wind resistance.  


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