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3 Creative Ways to Hang Curtains as A Window Scarf in 2023

A window scarf is an easy but elegant way to dress up your curtains and your room itself.

Homeowners are continuing to find new and innovative ways to use curtains - including as a decorative window scarf! While sheer, lightweight curtains work best, there are tons of options to choose from. Keep reading to learn more.

Drape a Sheer Curtain Over the Ends

This is the most classic style, but it's also one of the easiest. Find sheer living room curtains in a shade and pattern you like and drape them over either end of your curtain rod. They will dangle off the sides and drape in the middle for a dramatic effect.

Get creative with this idea and mix and match complementary colors and patterns. If you own striped curtains but want to embrace the maximalism trend in 2023, buy a polka-dot or floral-patterned curtain as the window scarf to create an eye-catching design.

Or, if you have orange curtains, use pale yellow living room sheer curtains to create a sunburst effect. The design elements are endless.

What's truly unique about this design is that it allows you to mix and match colors, patterns, and textures. Adding a sheer textured curtain, for example, can add dimension. This helps draw the eye and make your windows the room's focal point.

Remember that you don't want to forget the curtains' purpose. A window scarf in your bedroom can be darker to block out light, whereas one in your living room will need to do the opposite. This is why sheer curtains are recommended for living rooms.

Use Them as Decoration Over Your Glass Doors and Windows

If you have glass doors in your living room or kitchen that double as windows, then why not dress them up?

One thing many homeowners do is hang curtains above their doorway either for privacy or decoration. However, you can modernize this idea by hanging a window scarf over your glass doors and windows instead.

Because window scarves are solely used for decoration, they hang much higher than traditional curtains, which may otherwise touch the floor. Install some hooks above your door frame or window frame and drape some beautiful patterned or sheer white curtains over them for a pop of style.

But what kind of style? Fortunately, you have several options.

First, you can use what's known as the "unbalanced" look. A window scarf for an unbalanced look is commonly used for glass windows and doors because it adds style to something that may otherwise be pretty basic. To create an unbalanced look, drape the curtains with a center twist so one side is longer.

The second option is to layer your curtains to make them look more dramatic. These could be a combination of complementary bold colors or a mix of prints and solid sheers. With this style, keeping a darker color in the back and a lighter color up front looks best.

You can intertwine your curtains any way you'd like to make your window scarf - or in this case, door scarf - entirely your own!

Use Hooks to Add Dimension

A lot of these entries so far have focused on using traditional curtain rods, but did you know you can create a lot of window dimensions if you use scarf hooks?

With scarf hooks, you can display your window scarf in front of the actual curtains instead of on top. Plus, these hooks can be easily hidden and kept out of view so that they won't draw any unnecessary attention.

Hanging up a window scarf with scarf hooks works for any house room, but especially in the bedroom because it adds elegance. To install scarf hooks:

Place your hooks either on the top corners of your window frame or right beside it

Drill them into the wall

Slide your window scarf into place

Using white bedroom curtains as a window scarf in your bedroom, for example, can allow more light in, add additional privacy, and elevate the look and feel of your room with little additional cost.

Curtarra Can Help You Find the Perfect Curtains for Your Window Scarf

A window scarf is an easy and affordable way to add more style to your home while enjoying the latest home decor trends.

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